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3X Award-winning Art Gallery & Event Space

Established in 2016, Above Art Studios stands as a 3x award winning art gallery and event space located in the heart of downtown New Brunswick, NJ. Known for its colorful collections and eclectic style, our exhibitions exude uniqueness ubiquitously. Our focus on communal artistic expression and growth inspires new artists through our programs and classes, while elevating existing artists to new heights. The evident showcasing of various art styles, tells a story far greater than that of imagination, stretching through centuries of culture, history and love. Captivation is the perception upon arrival.

With art existing beyond the limit, “above” is a clear representation of our art, classes, and events. Purposely serving artists, our intent revolves around appreciation for talent, craft, and passion, linking individuals who share the same desire for paint, art and design.

From networking events, to live painting, to poetry, to musical showcases, Above Art Studios is a desirable realm of culture.

As history continues to repeat itself, this gallery stands alone, among the best of what’s to come.

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